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We have had so many clients tell us they never thought they would be able to do a pull up, or run a 5k, or lose weight and today they are doing all those things and more. They are meeting their original goals and then setting even bigger goals for themselves! They are proud of themselves and their accomplishments and we are proud to have been a part of their journey. 

Showing others that it is not just about a number on the scale, but about all the other changes that occur on the outside and inside is why we are so passionate about what we do at VM Fitline.

We love training others because we get to be a part of their physical and mental transformations. We have had clients tell us that they feel empowered when they work to become stronger and not just “skinnier”.

If you feel completely stuck at your current weight and fitness level and feel scared to start working out or to begin working out again, let us ease your fears of failing and show you that you can accomplish your goals with us by your side!

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personal training for every goal

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increase mobility and live a fuller life

andria's story

I love to help others transform through fitness! I have worked with many clients just like you who have felt frustrated, overwhelmed, and helpless. I love working with beginners and those who have failed in the past because I was once a beginner too!

I am a certified Fit to Enforce Fitness Instructor. I have held certifications from the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America and I was a certified Crossfit Level 1 trainer for five years. I am a National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Nutrition Counselor and a NASM  Certified Personal Trainer. I am blessed to have accomplished many fitness oriented goals to include ultra marathons,  marathons, triathlons, figure competitions, and amateur boxing. 

Greg's story

I love to help men and women conquer their fears of using strength training to lose fat and become fitter. My knowledge of strength training provides you with the needed guidance and confidence so you will have proper form, see results quickly, and reap the many benefits of strength training.

I began training in the late 1980’s when I was only 11 years old. I trained with old school bodybuilders who helped teach and guide me. In college I went on to manage a national nutrition shop for several years where I spent countless hours researching the benefits of nutritional supplements and helped others achieve their fitness goals through nutritional supplementation. I am a public safety officer and work fulltime as a firefighter/EMT and a police officer. My fitness history includes 30+ years of strength training and weight lifting as well as ultra-endurance events, triathlons, and bodybuilding.

our fitness journey

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functional fitness

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vm fitline values


We show you that anything is possible with the proper plan and execution. So many times we have worked with clients who said, “I can’t” and ended their journey with, “I did!” We want you to be successful and know you can be with the proper guidance, so we invest our time and energy into you because you deserve it!


Being a great trainer is more than just having the know-how to formulate a workout or nutrition plan. We are respected in the industry because we have inspired numerous clients to believe in themselves and our peers see it! Our clients succeed because we inspire them to do the work and follow through with the plans we give them. 


We each have over 20 years of experience in the fitness industry. Our experience is why past clients have been so successful! Whether they came to us to lose weight, pass a job related fitness test, or simply become stronger and more confident! Our real world experience is invaluable when it comes to formulating a plan to help you reach your goals.  

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When you purchase a plan with VM Fitline you are not just getting a pre-made robotically generated plan, you are getting access to trainers who understand how hard the first step is and who have a vested interest in your success. Our brand is literally our name. We want you to succeed! Which is why we design our custom plans around you and where you are starting and where you want to go.  

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